Musical theatre company BOT is a steady foursome of Job van Gorkum, Tomas Postema, Doan Hendriks and Geert Jonkers.

Since their first appearance at Oerol festival 2009, BOT has developed a very authentic language in which music, object theatre and mechanical sound art merge into lively musical performances. Balancing on a sharp edge between music and theatre, BOT captures it’s audience with straight forward performance, homemade musical contraptions, raw visual poetry and fragile, warmhearted songs.

BOT is known for its series of site specific performances called Het Geluid Van (‘The Sound Of’), created together with productiehuis Oost-Nederland (ON), part of De Nieuwe Oost. In places throughout the Netherlands they tell the story of industrial heritage buildings by making a musical theatre performance on site. BOT & ON also created the performance MIJN FAUST, a raw musical adaption of Goethe’s classic, mixed with a dash of Tom Waits. RAMKOERS (‘Collision course’) is BOT’s first grand traveling performance, which still is staged at theatre festivals throughout Europe.

Their newest performance LEK (‘Leak’) is performed in a first series of 40 shows in 2017, gaining several **** reviews. From 2018 onward both LEK and Ramkoers will tour abroad.




Fill up the glasses! As long as the bottom of your glass is not in sight, you’re fine. Life should be a party with ear splitting trumpet blare and everlasting confetti fields. But even though you don’t want to know: from the corner of your eye an unavoidable brick wall emerges and at some point you will hit it… What if the music stops and you’re suddenly full force facing the concrete?



RAMKOERS (collision course, 2014) is an exhilarating show in which the musicians dont take anything for granted, not even their own instruments. In RAMKOERS, BOT challenges their audience to let go of all comfort zones and try something different. What starts with nothing but an empty floor, turns out to be an energy boost. The show is a visual and musical adventure, based on heart-warming compositions, a good sense of humor and a continuous feeling of insecurity.


Het Geluid Van

Het Geluid Van (‘The Sound Of’) are site specific performances, inspired by the original identity, sounds and function of abandoned buildings at places throughout the Netherlands. BOT tells the story of industrial heritage buildings by making a musical theatre performance on site.


Commissioned shows


Music Theater Group BOT makes your event an unforgettable spectacle.

For BOT, a performance or event must be an unforgettable experience. The usual is not good enough for BOT, we never do it the easy way. If the matter doesn’t exist, we create it ourselves! For example, we have a collection of more than 65 unique self-made music machines, with which we make spectacular musical theater on location. Artificial dentures that clap a polka, axes which in rhythm break a piece of wood, an ground crawling accordion. With these kind of unique tools and machines, we can make al kinds of customized experiences.